It’s All in the Mix

Destination Pump Tracks LLC is made of five friends with backgrounds in cycling, track design, and outdoor and asphalt construction. With 100+ years of collective experience in construction and cycling, we design and build pump tracks that engage kids — and kids at heart.

We bring a unique approach to every pump track. DPT’s proprietary designs and mixes are specially created to withstand not just years but decades of use with less maintenance than typical surfaces. And endless smiles.

Contact us to learn more about how much family fun we can bring to your park, trail system, facility, office complex, homeowners association or backyard.

Meet Your DPT Team

Pat Moser, DPT Founder
Over 30 years ago I started designing and building structures to ride. My fondest memories are of being a rural kid taking regular trips into the city — sitting in the back of the family van staring out into the rolling hills. Visualizing how to best sculpt the land into beautiful riding terrain. Those aspirations never died, and a dream has come true by being blessed with a passionate, like-minded team that offers the most innovative riding structures on earth, Destination Pump Tracks.

My working life includes over 20 years of entrepreneurial ventures, and well over a decade of from-the-ground-up, contracting management and installation in multiple fields. The opportunity to offer communities near and far such a dynamic platform keeps me up at night and thriving through each day…I want a world where my lovely wife Jana and my kids can go anywhere and enjoy a pump track!

Steve White, Creative | Education
Steve White strives to take an “always learning” approach to everything he does. He’s deeply passionate about cycling safety, advocacy and education. Steve is a Certified League of American Bicyclists Instructor (LCI), and teaches adult and youth bike safety classes throughout Kansas City year-round.

He has spent 25+ years as an award-winning creative director of his marketing firm, Steve White Writes. When he’s not on his bike or slinging words for the likes of Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, TurboTax, and BabyBel, he lends his expertise to nonprofits, having served on four boards the past several years, three of those cycling-related. He has also guided two organizations as President. Steve also enjoys hiking and the great outdoors with his wife, Mary, and their rapscallion dogs. He’s a fan of short-essay humor, having authored the international bestselling (at least in his mother’s mind) memoir, Family Vacations & Other Hazards of Growing Up. He is also deeply passionate about helping the less fortunate, and about animal rescue.

Kelly Waggoner, Creative
Kelly Waggoner is a lifelong entrepreneur and owner of W Design Group, a branding and advertising studio that he has run for the past 24 years. Kelly has extensive marketing experience working with some of the largest companies in the world as well as start-up companies, helping them craft their brand and message. Clients include Harrah’s Casinos, H&R Block, UMB Bank, Boehringer Ingelheim, North Kansas City Hospital, Optum, Pilot Thomas Logistics, WELD Racing, and The American Diabetes Association.

Formerly Kelly was a two-term board member of the Kansas City Freelance Exchange, a non-profit organization that helps to guide entrepreneurs in all aspects of establishing a new marketing business. Kelly is also an avid BMX racer, something he didn’t have an opportunity to do as a child. He travels around the Midwest competing in national BMX races and is a sponsor of the team he races for. Kelly is also active with dog rescue organizations, donating his time, talents and money to help abused and neglected dogs around the country.

Curtis Witt, Asphalt King
When he’s not building amazing pump tracks, Curtis Witt is the owner and operator of Dave’s Construction, a family business that has been paving since 1976. Dave’s Construction has worked efficiently on thousands of project sites, exceeding expectations for job performance for over five decades now.

These projects have included working with residential homes, commercial, academic institutions, and city entities as well as setting specifications for private roadways and drainage improvements. During that time, Curtis has worked with a multitude of agencies that have increased his knowledge of construction, project management, and logistics. Curtis is married to his beautiful wife Alicia and they have two beautiful daughters who enjoy watching their dad get out there and tear it up on the race track. He’s been involved with BMX and mountain biking since childhood and through the years has received top ratings at national, state, and local BMX levels. Curtis has also been involved with many local BMX tracks and has pioneered innovative improvements to track corners, run-offs, and berms that have been called “The smoothest in the country.” Curtis continues to feel passionate about BMX, pump tracks, and bicycling as they pertain to individual health, a sense of family, and positive community impact.

Brett Barry, Design & Install
In his other life, Brett is president of Berry Outdoor Designs (founded 2002) and holds a BSE and MSE from Emporia State University. He builds artisanal outdoor living venues all over the KC Metro area.

Brett has 40+ years of experience in a variety of construction niches including patios, cooking centers, walks, paths, lawns, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, landscaping, lighting, as well as commercial/retail construction and maintenance concrete, asphalt, roofing, parking lots, curbing, and grading. His incredible wife of 16 years is Lisa, who runs the business side of Berry Outdoor. Brett has two awesome teenagers, Noah and Gabby. He is an armchair ecologist/naturalist who enjoys hunting, fishing, restoring habitat for threatened species of game birds and songbirds, and building ponds with marvelous habitat for underwater and wetland species. Brett also coaches junior high football and enjoys empowering kids from challenged socioeconomic situations, imparting love, self-confidence and life skills to them.